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Casters and wheels

In the catalog are some of the points from our standard offer.
By order we build and sell a large number of different points, small carrying points, high capacity wheels, industrial wheels, container wheels, stainless steel wheels, temperature resistors and others.

Transportni točak G33 F
Transportni točak G33 MB
Transportni točak G33 D
Transportni točak G33 T
Transportni točak G33 MBT
Transportni točak G55 D
Transportni točak G56 FTPR
Transportni točak G56 BTPR
Transportni točak G56 TPR
Transportni točak G43 F
Transportni točak G43 B
Transportni točak G43
Transportni točak G56 TBT PR
Dimenzije i nosivost

Working ladders

Working ladders for industry and warehouses. Mobile ladders, ladders with platform and guard rail. Industrial stairs.

Trolley platform

Trolley of all uses. Trolley trolleys, hand trolleys, metal trolleys, platform trolleys, industrial trolleys and many more.

Metal cabinets

Warehouse and workshop cabinets, cabinets with shelves, metal shelves, metal racks, industrial shelves, toolcases.

Transport Co2

Trolley for the transport of bottles, intended for easy handling of bottles. Transport of bottles for technical gases of 10, 20 and 40 liters

Caster wheels

We sell a large number of different wheels, low-capacity wheels, heavy-duty wheels, industrial wheels.

Industrial desks

Portable desks can be used as desks for packaging, assembly, control and more…

Elevator cage

Platforms and buckets in various shapes, different loads, accessories, attestations and more.

Mesh program

Simple transport of packages, boxes, veils in veils, as well as many other goods.

The quality of our products

When it comes to our products, our many years of experience in this field, as well as constant adaptation to new trends and achievements, enables us to offer truly professional service and quality solutions to our customers. Reliability, consistency and stability are basic characteristics that are covered by resources acquired by family work and investment since 1972 and cooperation with large companies through the production of various metal goods.

Experience and cooperation

The experience we have gained during the many years of cooperation with many companies enables us to establish understanding and cooperation on mutual satisfaction. Some of the clients are Pestan, Hutchinson, Grundfos, Mei Ta, Bambi AD, Polimark, Unisol Group, Ball Packaging, Modine, Eaton, Luvata, Gorenje Gruop, Tondach, Potisje Kanjiža, Autokomerc, Gebrüder Weiss, Minor, Galeb Group, Orbico, Avexcor and many other satisfied customers (reference).
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